The Talking Ape : Language Evolution

If you ever wanted to learn about the origins of modern human language, read this book. The author Robbing Burling takes the reader into deep subjects of language evolution in The Talking Ape. Speech and its impact on how we think, behave, develop relations and communication.He explains the roots of word development, the affect of nature on word development, vocabulary. He argues how our ancestors by evolution could communicate by sounds. Eventhough the book was written in an academic style, it is clearly understandable and does not need any prior academic knowledge on language evolution. I liked the mention of Kanzi Bonobo on this book as one of the rare apes who could comprehend a language very similar to humans do.

p.s : Do not forget to check Kanzi playing with lexigram as well in this blog.

Kanzi Language Comprehension with Novel Sentences

In this video, Susan Savage Rumbaugh with Kanzi experiments about achieving specific tasks with language commands and communication.

Here is the video link.

I further suggest Kanzi's Primal language : The Cultural Initiation of Primates into Language book written by Sue Savage Rumbaugh. This volume takes the reader behind the scenes of the recorded Kanzi linguistic communication examinations. It debates that whilst the examinations demonstrate that Kanzi has language, the even more extraordinary fashion in which he in the beginning adopted it - impromptu, in a culture common with humankind - calls for a re-thinking of language, stressing its fundamental cultural properties.

Susan Savage Rumbaugh's Kanzi Bonobo Book

If you didn't hear about Sue Savage Rumbaugh, Kanzi or Bonobos in general, I suggest you watching Bonobo Ted Video first.

In my previous article, I had reviews a very useful scientific book about bonobos. Now, I will continue my review with the book authored by the most famous ape and bonobo researcher Sue Savage Rumbaugh. The first part of the book is about the world's linguistically most talented bonobo, Kanzi and his long 18 years of language and ability learning journey. Second part is full of interesting statements about ape language learning process in a philosophical way. Third chapter is a discussion on the subject of whether apes really learn a language or not? Finally, last chapter opens the discussion for similarities between ape and human language learning. After reading this book, you will think twice if you are very assured of humans are chosen, divine and special creatures.

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Best Bonobo Science Book

Many people are not even aware of these intelligent animals, Bonobos. Our latest known closest relatives. They are considered as an important key to understand evolution by many scientists. For example, Kanzi is one of those intelligent bonobos who can learn a language similar to humans do and communicate with lexigrams. They well remember those hundreds of symbols and are aware of them and answer correctly when asked or they need something. Well, how about this great ape playing Pac-Man with enough awareness. In this book, you will learn how and when bonobos were discovered. Their interesting peaceful society with lots of sexual action solely done for pleasure, not only to populate.

Authored by leading primatologist Frans de Waal, 200 pages of interesting Bonobo information with lots of full color photographs.

Bonobo: The Forgotten Ape

Bonobo Baby and Mother Video

Bonobos are rare, endangered and behaviorally the closest animals to humans. Very very intelligent animals with extraordinary talents. In this particular video, you will see how mother Bonobo is protective and very careful to the baby. It is easy to tell that it is love.

Did you watch Kanzi Language Understanding Video? If you didn't, you will amaze how this Bonobo understands a specific language and communicates with it.
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