Kanzi Intelligent Ape Bonobo Video of TED

The following video is a perfect demonstration of endangered and closest relative to humans: bonobos and kanzi in particular which is the most talented and human-like animal up to date known. In a series of scientific experiment videos Kanzi bonobo will collect sticks, use a lighter to start a fire with it, he looks and learns the uses of fire without any sign of fear. He will then put off the fire with water with a regular English sentence. His sister bonobo will try driving a car. Not a bad effort in reality. A bonobo using scissors delicately to cut her baby's hair. When the baby tries to grab scissors, she hides it because she knows that it can be dangerous to the baby bonobo. Kanzi will sharpen a rock like our ancestors did the similar way to make tools. Playing music and enjoying it using both hands enthusiastically. Playing pac man obviously. Be sure to send these videos to your friends and they will think twice about the stereotype images of apes in their minds.

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Kanzi Bonobo Plays Pac Man Perfectly

Sue Savage-Rumbaugh is the primatologist who opened a new chapter about Bonobo studies and contributed seriously how we perceive the abilities of our closest relatives. Previously I had added Kanzi lexigram video, the most talented Bonobo who understood common English words perfectly. Now, our hero plays Pac-Man in the following funny and amazing video. Please notice that he knows when to attack monsters when he can eat them. Bonobos can be taught very sensitive things like this which only humans can achieve.

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Kanzi - Human Language Understanding Bonobo

Bonobos; now, being in danger of extinction, these animals are closest relatives to humans and show extraordinary talent on many humanistic areas like linguistics, communication, self awareness, making and using some tools, not being afraid of fire, sensitivity, community and sexual behaviors. In the following particular video, Kanzi, one of the most talented bonobos of all time shows his skills on communication and understanding English words using lexigrams (graphical symbols). Well, it looks amazing but you didn't see yet much because I will add more videos of Kanzi bonobo which your jaws will drop including how he plays Pac-Man better than most of us :)
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