Susan Savage Rumbaugh's Kanzi Bonobo Book

If you didn't hear about Sue Savage Rumbaugh, Kanzi or Bonobos in general, I suggest you watching Bonobo Ted Video first.

In my previous article, I had reviews a very useful scientific book about bonobos. Now, I will continue my review with the book authored by the most famous ape and bonobo researcher Sue Savage Rumbaugh. The first part of the book is about the world's linguistically most talented bonobo, Kanzi and his long 18 years of language and ability learning journey. Second part is full of interesting statements about ape language learning process in a philosophical way. Third chapter is a discussion on the subject of whether apes really learn a language or not? Finally, last chapter opens the discussion for similarities between ape and human language learning. After reading this book, you will think twice if you are very assured of humans are chosen, divine and special creatures.

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